Vertigo Sound VSP-2 & Microtech Gefell M990 Tube Bundle!


Microtech Gefell`s smooth but colourful tube microphone meets Vertigo`s discrete punchy preamplification.

We have tested carefully quite a lot MG/Vertigo VSP-2 combinations.
The M990 Tube Microphone turned out to be the perfect match with the Vertigo VSP-2 Mic Pre. This combination sounds
soo good on vocals! Stunning! What i liked most is the warm solid sound and the nice way this set up colors the sound at
higher levels without sounding nasty or getting wooly.

Brandnew VSP-2 Mic Pre + 1x M990 Tube Mic with EF86

Bundle price: 4390,00 Euro ex Vat

Please contact us for a demo!